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The study carves out certain qualifying portions of your building into five, seven and fifteen year lives that are normally accounted for in 39 or 27.5 year categories.

What’s included:

  • No obligation complimentary cost benefit analysis.
  • Feasibility study to determine applicability of cost segregation specifically for your project.
  • Detailed evaluation of each system and component.
  • Review of construction documents, as-built drawings and project specifications.
  • Site visit by a qualified engineer.
  • Provision of a “detailed engineering” review of assets, including special purpose mechanical and electrical systems, decorative finishes, and site improvements
  • Classification or reclassification of each building component into its appropriate tax life as prescribed by IRS guidelines.
  • A detailed written report with asset details supporting the study, working with your CPA to complete the necessary forms to claim the deduction.

Added tax benefits of cost segregation:

The activities must relate to new or improved business components:

  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • 179D Energy Tax
  • Abandonment/Disposition
  • DEIRA – Insurance Replacement
  • Appraisals
  • Energy Star Benchmarking
  • Land Allocation Assessment
  • 3115 Tax Form Change

What Can We Do for you?

Through our cost segregation studies, Our partner works to uncover potential tax savings and increase cash flow through the reclassification and depreciation of property. If you’re looking for ways to increase revenue for your business, You’ll be shown how to take advantage of significant tax benefits available to you. Our partner is a licensed engineering firm that focuses on federal, state, and local tax benefits. They are one of the largest, fastest-growing, and most innovative engineering, energy, and specialty tax credit services firms in the country.


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