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About Paymaster

Paymaster was formed in 1987 with just one goal in mind, to provide small to medium sized businesses an affordable solution for outsourced payroll. We combined top notch customer service with the latest technologies and have succeeded in building an extensive list of faithful clients.

A current report from the Government Accounting Office shows that of all employers who used the U.S. depository system, 34% were penalized for making incorrect or late payment of the taxes owed. Working with Paymaster Payroll Services ensures avoiding these often costly mistakes. We provide all aspects of the payroll process for you: payroll check preparation, management reports, sick and vacation accrual, direct deposit, payment of the tax liabilities, even the collection of the time and attendance data We also have partnered with a company so we can provide you with “pay as you go” worker compensation insurance.



The client focus is echoed in our approach to the overall welfare of the customers we serve. Our service has a core focus of driving ROI from our products to our clients’ bottom lines.

Our next most precious value is attention to detail. It is pivotal in all businesses, but especially ours. We respect the trust that our clients put in our talents and take that into work with us daily.

Ready To Hire An Amazing Payroll Service?

Paymaster Payroll Services is designed to provide companies with the expert help they need. As an outsourced service provider, we consistently deliver off-site solutions for all businesses in the major cities of North Carolina.

One of our ultimate goals is to take the stress out of managing payroll, allowing business owners like you to focus on other tasks. By not worrying about payroll, it frees up many hours in the week, which could be put to better use for the development of the business and allocate more time to your own personal life when necessary. 


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