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About paymaster pro

Small Business Focused.

Big Business Solutions.                                       


Paymaster Payroll Services was founded in 1987 with just one goal in mind, to provide small to medium sized businesses an affordable solution for outsourced payroll.  Over 35 years, we’ve combined top notch customer service with the latest technologies and have succeeded in building an extensive list of faithful clients.

One thing that our experience has taught us is that small business owners need reliable service.  That is how Paymaster Pro continues to differentiate ourselves.  Yet, we offer all the big business solutions at affordable prices that allow you to scale and grow your business and manage your workforce.

Our focus is finding ways to reduce your administrative challenges by leveraging technology, partnerships, and quality service.  We know that focusing on our clients needs allows them to grow their businesses.

Paymaster Pro offers payroll, bookkeeping, retirement plan integrations, a full HCM suite for workforce management, timekeeping, tax credit services, and more. Our services are specifically tailored and incredibly affordable.    


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