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Deposit Cards


Give employees no-cost access to their
earned wages daily

Employees want to get paid whenever they need.

Now, with the ZayZoon Visa Prepaid card, they can*.
At no cost to them, and no cost to you.

No Administration Needed

The ZayZoon Card is unlike a payroll card, which is owned and administered by the employer; this card is employee self serve.

Skip the Fees

No monthly maintenance fee attached.
Employees have access to earned wages without the $5 payout fee.

Easy Access for Employees

ZayZoon does not require a credit check to issue the ZayZoon Card; making it more accessible to employees compared to a traditional bank card.


Employees can use their ZayZoon Visa Prepaid Card as direct deposit if they have a second job or reload funds themselves.

Funds are safely insured by FDIC

The ZayZoon Visa Prepaid Card is offered by ZayZoon in partnership with our FDIC insured bank partner.
*Employees must be 18 years or older to access the ZayZoon VISA® Prepaid Card


Employee selects to receive their paycheck by direct deposit onto their ZayZoon Visa Prepaid Card.

A digital card will be issued almost immediately, with a physical card delivered in 5-10 business days.

The remainder of their paycheck will be deposited onto the card on payday.

Use the ZayZoon Card like a debit card in store or online anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

Check earned wages and card balance on the ZayZoon app.