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Integrated Retirement Plans

Don’t underestimate the benefits of “No-Touch” integration

Retirement plans are a valuable tool for attracting and retaining employees. The administrative challenges can be burdensome and take business owners away from higher priorities. With new tax incentives and state mandates the implementation of these plans is on the rise. Are you prepared to manage the complexities of a retirement plan?

With the passing of Secure 2.0, implementing a retirement plan finally makes sense for many small business owners. As more SMBs implement these plans, employees will begin to expect this important benefit from their employers. If you do not have a plan in place yet, then you will need one to remain competitive in the marketplace.

If you already have a plan, then you know the administrative challenges that come with administrating a plan. There are many steps in the process multiplied by the number of employees regardless of whether they participate in the plan or not. Ensuring your plan is designed properly, implemented precisely, and administered compliantly can mean the difference between valuable savings for a business owner and costly errors and penalties.

Paymaster Pro imagined a simpler way. What if we reduced the time-intensive entry by integrating our payroll platform directly with retirement plan providers?

Simplify your plan

If you currently have a retirement plan that you are happy with then we can work with your current recordkeeper or TPA to integrate our platforms.

By integrating our payroll platform with your retirement plan we remove you as the middle person. Your employees will onboard with our payroll software. Our software will communicate with your recordkeeper or third-party administrator to ensure employee data including hire date and contributions are reported directly to them. In turn, your recordkeeper or TPA will report enrollment data and contribution changes directly into our payroll platform.

Having an integrated plan greatly reduces the administrative challenges of passing information from payroll to your retirement plan by automating the process. You can now focus on your business once again and rest easier

Work with the industry’s best

Don’t have an integrated plan that you love?
We work with some of the industry’s best wealth managers, Third-Party Administrators, and record keepers in the industry.

We can introduce you to vetted professionals that align with our standards of service. These professionals are well-versed in the intricacies of our integrated system, guaranteeing that your employees’ retirement contributions are accurately deducted and appropriately allocated.
They can provide guidance on plan selection, compliance, investment strategies, ensuring that your retirement program aligns with your business objectives and meets regulatory requirements.

Moreover, working with a professional who is familiar with our integration means access to expert advice, regular updates, and a dedicated partner to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of retirement planning. In short, choosing a retirement plan professional in sync with our integration is a strategic decision that ensures a worry-free retirement benefits experience for both you and your employees.

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