Empower Your Employees with Self-Service Options

The zeitgeist of the 2020s is definitely empowerment. Given the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, employers and employees alike have started coming up with creative ways to stay productive. While it’s obviously impossible for every single industry to have its workers work from home, businesses can still offer lots of flexibility in other ways — like our Employee Self-Service portals.

What Your Employees Can Do with ESS

Employee Self-Service (ESS) allows your workers to take their personal information into their own hands. The system offers the ability to access and edit key data at the touch of a button. With ESS, they can:

  • view org charts and company calendars info
  • view payroll information like paystubs, scheduled earnings, deductions, and more
  • view important tax information with ease
  • view their time off status, accruals, and usages

But ESS isn’t just for viewing. It allows you, the employer, to select your desired level of editability for employees, meaning they can update personal information, edit time sheets (either on their own or through an approval system), submit time off requests, and even enable or modify direct deposits.

Having items like paychecks, tax information and forms, and benefits all in one place doesn’t just make life for your employees easier and more efficient. It also improves morale and gives workers a sense of self-governance that can be a great motivator.

How ESS Helps You and Your Employees

With flexible options for how editable and interactive your company’s ESS portal is, the system can be a great boon to employers who are already drowning in administration needs. Effectively, ESS allows you to shift some of that responsibility onto your employees, such as updating direct deposit information directly into the system. Come tax season, it’s also nice to know that your employees have W-2s and other forms at the ready.

The less time you have to spend on human resources and administration matters, updating payroll or adjusting time sheets, the more time you get to spend on the things that help your business grow. At PayMaster Payroll Services, we’re all about efficiency. More efficient work usually means more profit at the end of the day.

If you’re ready to discuss Employee Self-Service or any of our many other payroll and HR services and products, contact PayMaster today!