How Timekeeping Can Save Your Business Money - Paymaster Pro

One of the many services we provide at Paymaster Payroll Services is timekeeping. Creating an accurate record of your employees’ hours is not only useful for managing your workflow—it can actually save your business money. As veterans of the industry with more than 30 years of experience providing timekeeping services to small businesses throughout North Carolina, Paymaster Payroll Services can help you grow your bottom line.

Eliminate “Buddy” Clock-Ins

One way that companies often lose money is when employees clock in for other employees. For example, one worker could clock in for another who is running late. With password-protected systems, you just have to hope nobody shares their password with other employees.

However, our TimeWorksTouch system uses a biometric fingerprint identifier to ensure that only the correct employee clocks in. This way, your business won’t bleed wages with the employee not there to perform labor.

Track Employee Breaks Accurately

Compliance with break times is crucial to keep your company operating smoothly and efficiently. With our timekeeping software and hardware, you can see when employees clock out for breaks and when they clock back in. Any compliance issues can be noted, tracked, and recorded for disciplinary purposes.

Prevent Overtime

You can set up our timekeeping system to exclude out-of-schedule clock-ins. This way, employees cannot go over their scheduled allotment of hours. By enforcing accurate time schedules, you eliminate overtime and unscheduled labor costs. That can rack up, resulting in huge savings for your small business.

Manage PTO Accrual

Paid Time Off is a great benefit to employees who work hard to keep your business running. However, managing PTO and handling requests for time off can be difficult and frustrating, taking your mind off your company’s daily needs.

With our timekeeping systems, PTO accrual can be automated, allowing both you and your employees the ability to quickly discern how many hours of PTO they have accrued. Not only is this more efficient, it also allows you to quickly approve time off requests and notice trends in employee absences.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Timekeeping Services

Interested in saving your company loads of money by keeping better, more accurate records of employee hours? We offer a full range of timekeeping software and hardware options, including our discounted TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity bundle. We even have mobile options to allow employees to clock in and out wherever they are (and notify you of their locations when doing so).

With Paymaster Payroll Services, running your NC small business has never been easier!